GAMB Releases Marketplace MVP Ahead of Roadmap Schedule

5 min readJan 15, 2019


We are proud to announce the release of our marketplace framework MVP under

MVP, which stands for Minimum Viable Product, is actually a real understatement. is a fully functioning e-commerce marketplace that includes a full Admin and Merchantportal Layer (read our CEOs article on how to build an mvp). We are publishing the MVP 4 months ahead of our scheduled timeline with more functionalities than anticipated.

The Demo MVP under currently includes:

  • 54 demo merchants
  • 929.000 products with images and description
  • 1.330.000 listed prices

The framework supports the payment types COD, Credit Card, Pre-Payment and payment with demo GMB token based on the NEM protocol. The MVP is purely for demo purposes. No placed orders will be fulfilled. The 54 merchants are demo merchants and do not exist.

Front End: pulls it’s product catalogue from a main database which is managed via an admin interface (viewable only in a personalized webinar, sign up for yours here). The catalogue is referenced by the international standards EAN and MPN.

Product Management

Sample admin screen for product management:

We put special emphasis on the standardization of product data. We want to avoid the errors other marketplaces made, mainly publishing the same article under multiple product ids. This causes unnecessary confusion for the customer and prevents a transparent pricetable on a specific item. can easily scale to + 50 mio articles in a structured manner without product redundancy.

Commission Management

Our team also is ahead of schedule on the commission logic for the marketplace. Via the admin panel we can create commission rule sets on really any level: General, Category, Sub-Category, Product, Merchant or any combination of the before mentioned.

Sample Admin Screen for Commission Management:

Commission invoices between GAMB and the Merchants is fully automated and ready. The development of this functionality was initially planned for end of Q2 2019.

Merchant Portal

On the Merchant Portal, the merchant can match products from his catalogue via EAN or MPN or by simply searching the item in our search.

The Merchant Portal allows the merchant to:

  • list products manually, via file upload, or API (Beta)
  • manage generated orders, print delivery slip, process orders
  • manage commission payouts


The Gamb team developed a fully functioning marketplace framework with over 1 million prices, multicurrency and API ready in record time. Our team has exceeded the initial requirement, included a demo blockchain transaction layer based on the NEM protocol.

So, what is next?

Interview with GAMB’s CEO Luis Krug:

Question: So Luis, today is the big day, are you happy with the development of the marketplace framework?

Luis: Thanks, Denis. I am very happy and excited. We have built something extremely solid in record time. The harmonic and speedy just-do-it mentality in our team along with our tremendous experience has helped us in bringing our project to life. We are enthusiastic about the opportunities and managed to already develop many features that we had originally planned for a much later stage.

Q: So what is next? What are GAMB´s plans?

Luis: If you check our roadmap on, we plan on releasing an operational marketplace in Q4 2019, so in about 8 months time. From a business aspect, a marketplace is worthless if we do not have merchants who sell their products on it. So the main focus for our operational and business development team is to get merchants excited to participate in the launch in Q4. Our foundation is very solid, we already have over 20.000 merchants using our e-commerce solutions.

Q: Where can merchants sign up and get more information about GAMB’s marketplace?

Luis: They can request info and sign up on

Q: What is in the pipe on the technological side?

Luis: Well, the current version is a very basic version. We simply wanted to show that we can deliver and that we can produce good e-commerce products. I have shown our demo to some of our largest existing customers and they were thrilled. There really is not much new happening in marketplace e-commerce technology. The existing solutions are very heavy and expensive and the time to market is very very long. Maybe we can convince some large players to use our solution for their merchant base. It would certainly help us with the reach we want to offer our merchants. In any case, we will expand our tech team and enhance features. Our blockchain layer is very rudimentary and needs some investment. We need to enhance the merchant portal and its API to allow all types of shop solutions to seamlessly tie into our solution. So there is still work to be done.

Q: Why did you choose the NEM protocol for the

Luis: In our opinion it’s the protocol that ties best into our existing Java based technologies.

Q: What´s your outlook on the GMB token?

Luis: I do not comment on the evolution and valuation of the GMB token. However, we are creating substantial value and we have a solid product and a plan on how to drive this solution and its business. Our main goal is to help merchants sell more and earn more online. The solution stack we are building at GAMB will facilitate sales to merchants.

Q: Thank you very much Luis. I wish you all the best for the next phase of the project.

About Luis Krug:
Luis Krug is the CEO of Luis has over 20 years of experience in the e-commerce sector having built several companies that have invoice of € 100 mio annual turnover. Connect with Luis via Linked-In.

GAMB is the decentralized marketplace of the future with no decision making unit other than the owners of the marketplace themselves. The Merchant Alliance members (token holders) will define rules into smart contracts so that transparency, trust and sustainability are guaranteed.





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