GAMB Progress Update

3 min readMay 4, 2020


Dear GAMB Community,

like every business and human GAMB is influenced by the hit of COVID-19.

We hope your are all well and we hope the economy comes back soon.

After we managed to get the last team members into the home office, what we finished very fast, because our team is already spread over the whole world and we worked already with
video conferences and the right tools to work together remote.

But soon after that our merchants ask for help with a lot of changing of there daily todos to the home office, most of that was very new for them.

Our team put a lot of time into that because we understand that we need to help in times like that. We learned a lot more about the daily work of our merchants, which we will use for new features for the marketplace.

The marketplace is a big part of that help and with our merchants we will reach together our goals.

New Marketplace Features

Rating System

Increasing the sales of our merchants with the rating system was a important feature for use.
Using reviews and ratings and sharing the customer journey with our customers drives sales really well. Because everybody does have a better understanding of the product and the shopping experience shared by other customers.

Advanced Tax Handling

Because every country does have different tax rules and we want to show that correctly for every merchant in every country, we build a massive tax rule system.
With rules for every merchant and country tax we handle the correct way of showing the tax to the customer.

Up-Sell / Cross-Sell

With the Up-Sell / Cross-Sell feature is it possible easier to sell more of your products and create bigger purchases per user.
Create related product groups with perfect Up-Sell products for the customer.
With that way you can sell more products and give the user a better shopping experience.


Many settings are possible with the coupon feature like minimum cart value or maximum discount offered by the coupon.
The coupons are on our marketplace are always shop or seller based.
The coupon feature brings a lot of great marketing possibilities to our marketplace and to every merchant.


Often a customer does not want to buy at this time, but want to save the product for a later purchase.
With the wishlist feature the merchant can advertise directly with the wanted product later by using the coupon feature or other discounts.


We were hit very hard by the IDAX Exit Scam.

We still hope to get our and your funds back there.

For everyone who is with IDAX Funds, please register here. We want to pursue a class action lawsuit against IDAX. Please register here: Register

Pre-registration market place

We look forward to all advance registrations from dealers at our GAMB marketplace.

Please take the opportunity and register here: Register





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